Is Breakfast Still A Thing?

If we follow your logical, objective self the answer is yes.

Yes, because it’s what makes mornings, well  — mornings. Yes, because it’s part of the triumvirate together with lunch and dinner. 

So the right answer should be yes. So let’s rephrase the question — is breakfast your thing? 

And by breakfast we don’t mean that first meal you eat when you wake up at who knows what time, nor that meal you rush to finish just to justify that you ate something. 

By breakfast we mean that meal you ate around six til maybe ten in the morning. That meal you took time to prepare, even if it was a quick five minutes. Call it that time during the wee morning hours that you can call as your time, maybe with yourself, or with others — coupled with food. 

Older generations would argue breakfast as the most important meal of the day, an essential even. Skipping it would be detrimental to your physical well-being, not to mention a lapse on your end to even think of missing it. It’s what jump starts your day, and supposedly gives that fresh, renewed perspective. Yup, all that yada.

But fold in today’s times who would gladly rebut with regular intermittent fasting, scheduled meals, early morning Zoom meetings, and the ever-neglected snoozed alarms. Oh, and let’s not forget brunch, the ultimate excuse to mask as breakfast…sort of. 

Safe to say, breakfast for most has turned into more of an option rather than a requirement. It’s a good to have, but it’s not a loss. It’s nice, but it’s not necessary. 

On the other side of the spectrum, we have those who simply can’t start the day without that morning meal. The ones who just sort of wake up naturally wanting to eat breakfast, those who find peace in sort of just wandering mindlessly. And the thing is, we don’t necessarily have to call them morning persons, they’re just, well — breakfast persons. 

So whether you treat breakfast as a part of your daily is really your choice. It can be your thing if you want it to. After all, breakfast is what you make it. 

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